Source: | Nani Chavez

As consumers, we have the power to change the orbit around the fashion world. We are the ones who will reveal a new trajectory with respect for nature and sustainability at its core. And as in all matters, the prerequisite for taking action is; Having solid reasons and strong motivations. So before we talk about taking action, we wanted to talk about why we really need to do this. One thing is for sure: we must choose sustainable fashion. So why?

First, let's briefly recall the values ​​of sustainable fashion. If we start from the criteria used by the Green Advisory Board for sustainable fashion, these criteria are; organic and natural materials, recycling, second-hand, vegan and vegetarian products, social responsibility, resource efficiency, fair - ethical trade; We can say that it is local, made-to-measure clothing and eco-certified . So, what kind of contributions do fashion products produced in accordance with these values ​​make to the planet we live in, nature, living creatures, and even our own bodies?

Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for 1.2 trillion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equal to 5% of global emissions? The greatest gift of sustainable fashion is that it contains the hope of changing this trend. Nowadays, most of the clothes produced ( on average 60% according to the data of How To Save The World) are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lycra and nylon . These materials are not biodegradable and produce significant amounts of microplastic during and after they are used. Sustainable fashion products, on the other hand, are produced with natural and/or recycled fabrics such as linen, hemp and organic cotton . These materials consume much less water and energy in the production stages compared to synthetic materials, and are also biodegradable in nature. This means reducing the amount of waste and carbon footprint . We can say that another factor that plays a role in reducing the amount of waste is the 're-evaluation'- oriented perspective of sustainable fashion products and the motivation to reuse and transform already long-lasting clothes into unique pieces before they reach landfills, even after completing their useful life.

Source: | Mel Poole

Sustainable fashion products are also a healthy alternative to the inevitable returns of fast fashion products, which undergo intense chemical processes during the production stages. It aims to reverse a scenario where people come into contact with chemicals throughout the day and thus paves the way for various diseases, with the softness of natural materials. And, of course, the issue of decent working conditions. All over the world, fast fashion industry workers are forced to work under very harsh conditions. Wages that are not rewarded for their labor, unlimited working hours, inadequate conditions such as health and safety, and even human rights violations... The sustainable fashion concept values ​​people instead of machines; It strives to make the labor-oriented nature of fashion visible again and supports fair working conditions .

We have one last question for you: How many of the clothes you own know their story until they reach you? Think about your favorite piece in your closet. Can you tell us who produced it and under what conditions? The story, everything. However, most of the time, when we look at an outfit, we only focus on its appearance and ignore the processes behind it. Sustainable fashion is also a door of meaning that opens first to our consumption preferences and then to our lives in general.

What we mean is that sustainable fashion saves the earth. More production is not more sales; says more sensitivity. It invites consumers to question, us producers to take responsibility, and all of us to take responsibility and contribute to the order we want to live in . Are you ready to make change possible together?