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You may remember, we have previously talked about the attitude of vintage fashion that says 'stop' to fast consumption . We talked about how vintage pieces are proof that quality and longevity are possible at the same time in fashion. In this article, we take it a little further and narrow our lens, focusing specifically on luxury vintage and taking a closer look at the intersections of luxury vintage and sustainable fashion . If you're ready, let's start.

High Quality Equals Longevity

The first place where luxury vintage intersects with sustainable fashion is the quality of the materials used in the production of luxury vintage pieces. We can understand this high quality from the fact that a piece has successfully passed the test of time in order to be considered 'vintage', that is, it has completed a lifetime of at least 20 years . Quality parts bring durability and therefore longevity . Unlike fast fashion items, which are specifically designed to be short-lived and thus fuel consumerism, luxury vintage pieces can be reused over and over for years. In this sense, luxury vintage can also be viewed as an investment ; Investing in resources, investing in spent energy, investing in nature.

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Consider that the fast fashion industry, one of the industries that produces the most waste in the world, produces 100 billion pieces every year , according to 2020 data. Collections are renewed every 4-6 weeks ; Consumers are being pushed to question less and buy more, favorite pieces in wardrobes that someone once loved to carry are being forgotten in the rush to keep up with the latest trends and are ending up in landfill within a few months or even weeks - 300,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year in the UK alone. is being thrown! Against such a backdrop, luxury vintage products not only defy time; Thus, it supports sustainable fashion by ensuring the protection of resources.

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Values ​​Protected Over the Years

Doesn't it seem magical to you that luxury vintage pieces retain their value over the years ? We find it magical that they act as a bridge between the past and the present . In fact, if you look at it, luxury vintage can be seen as an investment in this respect: Imagine leaving the vintage pieces in your wardrobe to your children. How much more valuable this would be!

Or don't go far, come to today: Today, try to feel the meaning of wearing a vintage piece... Wouldn't it be a feeling of curiosity at the very beginning: I wonder what the story of this piece was? Who wore it, where, and how they felt? Who carried it through what experiences? I wonder what meaning this piece meant to the person who wore it? What moments and memories did it accompany? And a vintage piece can open the door to many more questions waiting to be awakened within a person. Then maybe imagination enters the scene and you start visualizing the answers to all your questions. You run from possibility to possibility, as if you were traveling in a time capsule . Regardless of what actually happened, vintage pieces complete you with the special feeling of carrying a piece of your past. It's as if dozens, hundreds of experiences are hidden between its stitches...

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Pieces Bearing the Signatures of Their Designers

When it comes to luxury vintage, one point we cannot help but underline is that the pieces are designed by the founders or designers of the brand and bear their signatures . For example, the 1960s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wool cape you see above... If you ask us, it is so beautiful that if there was one similar to it in the whole world, it could be on display in a museum! It is a collectible product that we expect to attract all eyes for many years to come. Or, '00s Valentino V gold logo detailed heeled slippers ... Jeans from the 1995 Versace Jeans Couture collection, featuring iconic black and white stripes and featuring lion, tiger and leopard patterns on black stripes, offering a very classic '90s Versace style … If you feel excited when you hear these sentences, we recommend you to go to the “ Designers ” tab on our website and take a look at the pieces of unique brands, each of which is a work of art.

In fact, everything turns and wanders; It adheres to the principle of short and concise shopping . By standing against the consumption frenzy that focuses only on adapting to changing trends and adapting to the majority; It is possible to trace timeless, unique and unique designs that are high quality, durable, long-lasting, carry the wisdom of the past and still maintain their originality.

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