PS x Gaios Upcycled Silk Ribbon Buckle

PS x Gaios Upcycled Silk Ribbon Buckle

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In this upcycling project, where we brought together Pop + Sandy's unique scarf selection and Gaios' impeccable handcraftsmanship, we transformed vintage and pre-loved silk scarves, which can no longer be used, into unique buckles and accessories for you.

This ribbon scrunchie clip that we transformed from a Vakko silk scarf is a candidate to be your favorite hair accessory for a long time.

Remember there is only one!

Fabric: 100% Silk
Scarf Production Location: Türkiye

The buckle was handcrafted by Gaios in Turkey.

*The buckle you receive may differ from the one in the photo. Even if it is the same scarf, the buckles are different from each other due to pattern and color. There is one of each buckle.

+ All our products are professionally cleaned, properly cared for and ready to enter your wardrobe by our solution partner, The Belgravian.