PS x Gaios Upcycled Moschino Silk Bag

PS x Gaios Upcycled Moschino Silk Bag

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In this upcycling project, where we brought together Pop + Sandy's unique scarf selection and Gaios' impeccable handcraftsmanship, we transformed vintage and pre-loved silk scarves, which can no longer be used, into unique buckles and accessories.

This tie, which we transformed from a Moschino silk scarf, is a candidate to be your favorite hair accessory for a long time.

Remember there is only one!

Fabric: 100% Silk
Scarf Brand: Moschino
Scarf Production Location: Italy

The buckle was handcrafted by Gaios in Turkey.

+ All our products are professionally cleaned, properly cared for and ready to enter your wardrobe by our solution partner, The Belgravian.

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